Constituency secretary, Colne Valley Labour

On twitter as @anniesec but my real name is Anne Baldwin. Can be found on facebook where I witter to friends and family about next to nothing. Now added my ‘Anne Baldwin for Holme Valley South’ facebook page which might get more political.

I was born here, in the beautiful Holme Valley, grew up in Meltham then flew away. Married twice, second time to Richard. He was Labour group secretary on Waltham Forest council. I was the chair. We shared some good minutes and now share every hour we can. Spent most of my life trying to have a career, care for four children, influence politics and enoy life.

Enjoying life includes walks and music plus the 8 grandchildren.

Having a career meant becoming a qualified town planner and council research officer. After twelve years I then combined my passions for politics and local government, working for Labour and with Labour councillors – although anyone who thinks having a career involves increasing ones salary wouldn’t think that a good move. My last paid job was back in local government setting up the office of the new directly elected mayor in Newham.

Escaped from Essex/London a few years ago back to my roots and less paid work. So now officially a kept woman. Spent several happy years gaining my PhD at Huddersfield University. I now know more than most people about all the wonderful women who became councillors in the 1920s and 1930s. If I get a chance there are lots of stories there to research and share.

The blog is mainly about that part of my life I spend being secretary to Colne Valley Labour Party. It is my view not an official one. It might mention individuals from time to time.  If it does I want them to know from the outset I love them all. I will check out anything I think might be sensitive and will take down anything they find offensive.

If  the blog has a purpose it is to contribute to change and to comment on how change is operating at the grass roots. When I say grass I mean it – rural, beautiful and challenging – oh and with a Tory MP this time but a fair selection of all in the past.

Enjoy – and share your thoughts.



5 Responses to About

  1. Alan Shepherd says:

    I enjoyed this preliminary entry, and can’t wait for the rest.
    Alan Shepherd

  2. A good read…look forward to seeing how it develops

    a bit short on locomotive sheds but I’m sure this is an oversight – Paul

    • anniesec says:

      What would I want with engine sheds Paul? Trains should be out on tracks not hiding away in sheds. A bit like Labour – but guess we need to sort a few tracks while we are at it?

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