I lost three jobs yesterday

Sorry again Scott. I know I should have been phone canvassing yesterday. I got to the office later than intended. Then I tidied it up. Here are my excuses:

I came home from the meeting the night before with an idea about writing a paper. I know constituency secretaries don’t usually have papers to write, but it is an indication of how far Refounding Labour has helped us move on and do things differently. Like your excellent  PowerPoint presentation to the campaign team – we don’t have to just rely on resolutions any more to get us thinking.

I then had a long phone conversation with a community activist about some campaign ideas. She is not a Labour member. One day I might add her as a Binnie supporter, but she gets things done, so worth spending time with.

But the frustrating part of the day was when my technology played tricks with me in the afternoon. Adding new members to our database to email them should be so simple and straightforward, but email on my PC doesn’t want to open attachments anymore, when I produced a CSV file from member centre it wouldn’t save it, and neither IPad or lap-top seem to have known where my printer is since the day I had to buy a new modem. So when you are collecting all those bits of paper about which members can contribute to the campaign can you please find me a home IT adviser.

But I persevered.Having established one more person might turn up for the last hour of phone canvassing I just caught the last bus over there at 5.15.

So then the story turns positive.

We didn’t phone canvass, but Pat and I did sit there scribbling lots of ideas about how we can get the best information out of those calls, understanding what makes folks tick and all that – see I did listen to the PowerPoint presentation. Pat took all the paperwork away and she will draw it up.

Then an informal discussion with our LCF delegation means I don’t need to rewrite much of that paper before it goes our as a draft to all the members we have email for.

And when I finally came home to a cold supper, the final long call of the day was with my ‘retired’ membership secretary, who was happy to take on some of those communications tasks again for a short while until we have the super new NationBuilder system up and running.

So I lost three jobs last night, two of them tasks taken on by other volunteers because we offer them short term roles to suit their skills, not long term titles that they don’t know what to do with. See I did watch that PowerPoint presentation.


If anyone else has got this far and wonders why on earth I am writing a personal memo to Scott as a blog piece, I guess it is my way of saying this is life in a key seat with our wonderful new organiser. I am sure I said in this blog before, once we had a candidate to campaign with and an organiser in place I knew my life as constituency secretary would change. It has. Scott is everywhere at once organising us. But far from reducing my workload (voluntary/pastime/for fun. Sic) having an organiser has increased the pace rapidly. We have been walking through the storm a bit recently. But we persevered – and we are building a team with heads held high – good sign for the future.


So where next? hopefully to build the NationBuilder, visit those new members and circulate Pats phone canvass guidelines. We might even make a start at implementing that paper. We WILL make a real start at phone canvassing. Soon we will need a bigger office to do it from.

Which just leaves one issue… Or two. if you are getting our plans signed off perhaps you can add this as an appendix. My new shopping list.

  • A bag full of SIM cards for phone canvassing
  • A speedy lap top so Scott can handle all those databases full of volunteers
  • A super duper modem to make sure the office broadband can cope with NationBuilder
  • A swish printer so I can send things to new members
  • Someone who can sort out my home technology

Labour had the right idea when it announced plans for key seats. Ensuring they all have access to an organiser was even better. Now we need the technology to make it work. then one day I might even share out enough jobs to take a day or two off.

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